John 1: 1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD

The Bible defines God as the Word but what exactly does that mean? The word ‘WORD’ in the Greek tongue is LOGOS which is a common suffix for many English words
such as Technology, Psychology, Biology, Zoology etc. The biblical usage of this word contains within itself the idea of ‘
Intelligence’. When the Bible defines God as the
Word the meaning that is conveyed is the following:
God is THE INTELLIGENCE that has an infinite capacity for language and therefore God’s intelligence is
. What is intelligence? One definition of intelligence is as follows: capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity;
aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
How do we learn, reason and understand things? The obvious answer is through the use of words! Try
and think of the last time you had a thought or a discussion without the use of words. We are able to use words because we have the faculty of language. So what makes
us intelligent is our ability to use words and our ability to use words comes from our faculty of language. Using a grade 6 algebra equation if X=Y and Y=Z, then we can
correctly surmise that X=Z .So if
X=Words, Y= Language and Z = Intelligence and if X=Y and Y=Z, then X = Z meaning WORD(s) = LANGUAGE and LANGUAGE =
or WORD(s) = INTELLIGENCE. So it would literally be correct to interpret John1:1 as 'IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE INTELLIGENCE, AND THE

That which separates us from animals and makes us intelligent is our capacity for language; that is our ability to express thoughts and ideas in words. Similarly that which
separates us from God is the difference in our abilities to use language. God’s ability for the use of language is infinite whereas with man’s is finite and therefore man can
never become God even as a monkey can never become man without the same capacity for language as man. God’s language capabilities are intrinsic whereas that of
man is a gift from his creator. In a manner of speaking God is intelligence whereas man and other created beings have been bestowed with intelligence by their creator;
therefore man’s intelligence is artificial. Artificial intelligence can be taken away much as a computer’s intelligence can be taken away by wiping the drive clean.
The bible
defines God as an immaterial invisible intelligence sentient being with all created things being a product of this intelligence
; born as a result of thoughts and
ideas that first arose in the mind of God and were given shape and form through the means of language born in that mind and expressed as spoken words.
God not only
is intelligent but is THE INTELLIGENCE that can express any thought or idea in WORDS
. The beginning of all things is Language not the big bang. Nothing can exist
that has not first been expressed in words, PERIOD. This is the reason why God is infinite and omnipotent; there is no thought or idea that can exist that God is unable to
express in words or that is beyond God’s intelligence. God’s language is infinite and therefore God is infinite. This is why evolution is such an asinine idea; that something
can exist that did not have its genesis in language; that is as a thought or an idea in someone’s mind first is absolutely ludicrous. Rev. 4:11, “for thou hast created all
things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”
All created things began as thoughts and ideas in God’s mind and came into existence as they were
expressed in words by God

Language however should be distinguished from speech or tongue – speech is the sound made by intelligent beings to convey thoughts and ideas in words. Language on
the other hand, like that of a computer is mathematical. English is speech but a computer program is language. In that sense God is the ultimate computer that is able to
process any and all information mathematically and then express it in any speech or tongue or in the form of created things. This is probably true of man; our brain in all
probability processes information mathematically rather than in English or Greek or Chinese or any of the various tongues spoken by man. A tree for example can be
created on a computer screen using mathematical language. It is no different with a real tree – the atoms and molecules and cells that make up the tree began as a
mathematical language in the mind of God that were given physical expression  through the speech of God. Just as a processor in a computer has the language to be able
to create a tree that is visible on the computer screen so too does God have the language to create the tree mathematically in his mind and then make it visible in the
ground on the Earth through his speech. The tree does not consist so much as of roots and branches and leaves but rather of language that even man once had but no
longer possesses.

Speech or tongue has an invaluable relationship with language, speech externalizes that which is internally created using language. This is why the created sequence of
the seven days of creation is prefaced each day by these three words, And God SAID… That which was created in the ultra super computer like mind of God was given
expression through his speech. Hebrews 11:3
“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were
not made of things which do appear
." Like a keyboard brings to sight on the computer screen that which is mere numbers inside the computer processor so too it is with
all created things. God’s words (speech) act as a keyboard to make visible that which is a pure mathematical language, mere numbers in the mind of God; be it a tree or
an insect or a planet or man! Till the tower of Babel man had this pure Godly language and advanced technologically far beyond where we are today because the original
Adam (man) had the same capacity for (mathematical) language that God has. He did not acquire this language by his own efforts but rather God gave it to him which is
why it was said of
man that he was made in the LIKENESS of God. Because man possessed this infinite God like capacity for language that even angels did not
possess that God himself said of man, Gen 11:6
“And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language (THE ORIGINAL PURE GOD
; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Why was it that nothing would have been
restrained from them that they imagined to do? The simple reason was that they had the language to be able to express in words that which arose in their imagination. In
order to curb man’s propensity for evil, God took away from man at the Tower of Babel his original pure mathematical God like language. Gen. 11:7
"Go to, let us go
down, and there confound their language..."
The Hebrew word CONFOUND here literally means TO MIX, the implication being that God added something into man's
Language capabilities that lead to a corruption of these capabilities. To use a medical or computer analogy God introduced a virus into man's brain that prevented him
from fully accessing all his language capabilities. This is the reason why scientists theorise that man uses only 5% of his brain because the 95% of the brain has been
made inaccessible.

Confounding or corrupting man's language was the equivalent of replacing the processor of the most advanced computer on earth with an abacus; God dumbed man
down for his own good. From the tower of Babel till about the 20th century man degenerated technologically. This is why AC Clarke with his 2001: A Space Odyssey book
and movie, Zecharia Sitchin with his Earth chronicles books and others like Robert Temple with his book, The Sirius Mystery are incorrect in their assumption that man has
progressed from a beast like state to an advanced civilized state albeit with some ‘other worldly’ help such as the monolith in AC Clarke’s book, the annunaki or ‘gods’ from
other planets in Sitchin’s books. The bible categorically tells us that man began as a superior intelligent being with a capacity for language that rivaled God’s own. His
capacity and intelligence were undiminished even after the flood until The Tower of Babel. So for approximately the first two thousand years of man’s history, man was not
much difference in intelligence than the other creatures that inhabit the cosmos; creatures that he later worshipped as gods.

I agree with Sitchin and Temple that man has had contact with intelligent creatures from other heavenly bodies; however from the Garden of Eden till the tower of Babel
these creatures were not worshipped by man as gods! The reason simply stated was that man himself had the language and therefore the intelligence that was on par with
if not superior to these creatures from celestial abodes. I also agree that these creatures did help man advance technologically from Adam to the days of Noah which is the
time period where flourished the technologically advanced ‘Atlantean’ civilization. Man was ‘tabula rasa’ when God created him but he had the language capabilities and
therefore the intelligence to grasp and duplicate the workings of the technology that was offered to him by the Nephilim and the ‘sons of God’ that visited and mingled their
seed with man’s seed after Adam’s expulsion from Eden.
Man looked upon these creatures as ‘mighty’ because of their technological and perhaps physical
prowess but he did not worship them as gods
. He knew that ‘Jehovah’ God alone was the creator and not these other creatures no matter skilled they were in the use
of technology. I do differ with Clarke, Sitchin, Temple and others that try and convince us that the knowledge, especially technological knowledge brought to man by the
‘sons of God’ and other non Adamic races was beneficial or benevolent. In their own worlds they had developed destructive technologies that they shared with man and
also used to keep him subdued, the bible tells us in Gen 6:13 “And God said unto Noah,
"The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with
violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”
From the time Cain killed Abel to the time Noah’s flood finally came, the earth had been
filled with violence incited by these creatures that Sitchin calls Annunaki and the bible calls ‘sons of God’.

After the flood till the tower of Babel the pattern seen in the antediluvian world had started to repeat itself and the earth was once again on its way to being filled with
violence. ‘Mighty’ men like Nimrod had again started taking mankind down a path which would eventually lead to his complete self annihilation. Mankind once again began
advancing technologically and was not content to limit himself to the earth alone but wanted to ‘make a name’ for himself in the heavens not just on earth.
In all likelihood
the tower of Babel was a gateway to the stars
. When man set about to make a name on the plains of Shinar (Sumer according to Sitchin) the question that arises is who
else was on earth that they could have made themselves a name in comparison with. This one group of people on the earth could obviously not have made themselves
renowned in comparison to any other group of people on earth because there were no other people on earth.
So if they were setting about to make themselves a
name, bring themselves renown than it had to be in comparison to a group or groups of creatures somewhere beyond earth
. This is why the tower they were
building had to have its top reach into heaven. It’s obvious the top of a physical building cannot reach into heaven so there had to be some technology involved here that
would transport them into the heavenly realms, a Stargate perhaps. So they were setting out to make a name and bring themselves renown through the heavens that a
judgment such as the deluge would never be visited upon them again. They were not going to let their existence be limited to earth but would spread themselves through
the galaxies (this may actually have happened in the days preceding the flood of Noah.) The Stargate movie and TV series premise that mankind spread from Earth to the
stars may not be science fiction after all.

God knew that the more they advanced technologically the more destructive they would become so in one fell swoop he put a complete stop to their Luciferian
ambitions by taking away from mankind the original pure Godly language
. The virus or corruption introduced by God makes it impossible for man to think and
understand the pure mathematical language that is required to create technologies used for interstellar or intergalactic travel. Since that time man has degenerated
technologically until very recent times. So rather than man advancing from a hominid state to Homo Sapiens state as contended by Sitchin and others, the bible
categorically tells us that man went from a God like state to near beast like state as the millennia advanced. He went backwards rather than forwards. The evidence for this
degeneration can be seen worldwide but particularly in South America. Here we can see even to this day great technological marvels that no one knows how they were
built or who built them. There is no evidence of any technologically advanced people still inhabiting the continent but we do see plenty of tribes that have degenerated so
much that they can hardly be classified as man. These very tribes are the descendants of mankind that once had the ability to reach out and touch the stars and I am
certain did do so in the days of Noah and were close to doing so again in the days of the tower of Babel.  “Perhaps, Zelitsky mused, the megaliths off Cuba are remains of
a trading post, or a city built by colonizers from Mesoamerica. Those civilizations were far more advanced than the hunters and gatherers the Spaniards found upon
arriving here five centuries ago.” Quote from indicating that Mesoamerica and all of South America was once the site of advanced
civilizations more so than Egypt or Greece or Rome, not at all like the ones encountered by the Spaniards from the 15th century onwards.

The story of the tower of Babel speaks clearly of the infinity of God.
God has the language which gives him the knowledge to create any technology required to
resolve any problem; the bible says “Nothing shall be impossible with God” and that is a result of his infinite ability in the use of language
. God took away from
man that which made man LIKE God; that is his language abilities and man was no longer a problem, at least not on a scale that he would need to destroy almost the
whole race as happened in the deluge. Where then is man getting his recent technological advances if he himself does not have the necessary language to create the
technology? Who are these so-called Annunaki that Sitchin is so confidently predicting will return to earth again in the near future? Why does God have to keep making
these adjustments and corrections where man is concerned – does he just slip up and ad lib as he goes along or is there a greater purpose in his dealings with mankind?
Please listen to
Ye shalll be as gods...for a complete understanding of the purpose of our existence.

Zephaniah 3:9 / For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they
may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.